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      The service life of trailers

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      The service life of trailers

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      The service life of trailers

      Trailer running in period. When running, the load should not exceed 80% of the rated load; after the speed of 150 km, the fasteners such as hub bearings, temperature, leaf springs and wheels should be observed. Each fastener running about 40 km can be used normally after three times. Skeleton container semi-trailer supply, semi-trailer running-in period in the use of the process is very important, should pay attention to running-in period of all the problems. When the trailer is running, attention should be paid to checking whether the brake is hot, odor-free, whether the trailer device deviation, if there are abnormal phenomena, should immediately stop to check.

      Skeleton container semi hung supply

      Carriage stone, iron, hard, heavy materials should be handled carefully, so as not to damage the trailer; shipper's firewood, etc., with a rope tied, locked the trailer carriage buckle. Unit start should be stable. Do not put your feet on the brake pedal, as far as possible to reduce emergency braking.

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